Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The benefits of doing Squats "build you legs"!!!

Squats are the most effective strength exercise. Squats will increase muscle mass, bone mass and endurance while strengthening knee ligaments. Squats provides unparalleled functional strength for all athletic events.
Squats will give you the power to run through your opponent on the football field, the basketball match, the rugby field and a wrestling match. The benefits of doing squats are endless. Strength, power, endurance and improved lungs function are a few benefits to include squats in your daily workout routine. Squats are the most effective and the best exercise for building thighs muscle also. The squats targets so many muscles that you really cannot label it a pure lower body exercise only. Infact squat is  a"total body exercise". Squat requires core strength of the human body and build muscle faster than any regular exercise. 
So, Train hard! Train smart!!

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