Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top 9 things to Remember when entering in the Gym

  1. Always wear loose t-shirts for working out in the gym
  2. Always take pre-workout meal so that body doesn't feel tired.
  3. Take a water bottle with yourself to protect yourself from dehydration during workout.
  4. Before starting workout take minimum 10 minutes to warm up your body to prevent muscles form injury.
  5. When hitting weight, start from low weight and take sometime to reach higher weight levels.
  6. Having a partner at gym must be good for lifting heavy weights and prevent from the possibilities of unwanted accidents.
  7. Morning time is better for working out in the gym.
  8. Always put Gloves when doing exercises like bench press, barbell curl, dumbell curls etc to protect palms from skin plumps.
  9. Never repeat same types of exercises daily because when we do same types of exercises daily then our muscles becomes habitual to those exercises and finally results in slow muscle gains.

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