Thursday, 18 July 2013

The best time management for everyone who wants to workout/exercise

The day time for exercise largely depends on habit and convenience. For business people and students late afternoon or early morning will probably be most convenient. Those who work till five or six o'clock will be constrained to exercise in the evenings. The only rules to be observed as to time of day are in relation to meals. Exercise should not be taken less than an hour after eating. For the same reason prolonged and arduous exercise should not be take before breakfast. 
When the habit of exercise is formed, it may be said that results obtained will be in proportion to the amount of exercise taken. One hour twice a week will produce noticeable results. One hour four times a week will enable the student to improve very gently in a year's time. A person with a genuine desire to develop splendid health and strength should not regard an hour a day as too much time to devote for such an end.The amount of exercise both as to time and in terms of energy expanded, that is, severity of the work, should be considerable. There need be no fear of overdoing when the constitution is sound. If there is any organic disease or disability, then the exerciser is subjected to limitations and should have a physician's advice if possible both as to amount and kind of exercise.


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