Friday, 28 December 2012

Art of Bodybuilding

10 Facts About Natural Bodybuilding:

1. Due to growing concern of the high cost, side-effects & illegal nature of steroids many   organization have formed in response & deemed themselves "Natural Bodybuilding Competition".
2. Natural Bodybuilding includes competitors whose physiques appear much more attainable & realistic.
3. In natural bodybuilding contest the testing protocol ranges from polygraph testing (lie detection) to urinalysis.
4. In natural bodybuilding penalties ranges from suspension to strict bans from competition if a bodybuilder found using steroids .
5. Some of the famous natural bodybuilding organizations are Muscle Mania, Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE), INBF/WNBF & INBA/PNBA.
6. Main natural bodybuilding organization have world wide presence.
7. The criteria of certain poses differ from organization to organization.
8. The use of steroid is not allowed in Natural Bodybuilding
9. Natural Bodybuilding is a completely great way to practice bodybuilding and to achieve a injuries and problems free bodybuilding.
10. The growth of Natural bodybuilding has paralleled the increased awareness of
fitness in the mainstream culture.

5 Main Points Related To Cutting & Bulking In Bodybuilding:

1. The general strategy of present-day competitive bodybuilder's is to make muscle gains for most of the year (Known as off-season).
2. Approx 12-14 week from competition to lose body-fat ( Referred to as cutting).
3. The bulking phase entails remaining in a net positive energy balance(calorie surplus) & longer bulking phase will create more fat tissues.

4. The surplus of calories relative to one's energy balance will ensure that muscles remain in a state of  anabolism.
5. The precise effectiveness of the cutting and bulking strategy is unknown, no studies involving precise hypercaloric feeding combined with resistance exercise have been conducted.
Best Workout Plans:

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